The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1129 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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A Little Taste of You(Deborah Harper from Resident Evil)
“Just relax, I’ll take care good of you.”

Deborah Harper laid naked and breathed heavily. Every inch of those strong hands rubbed against her. The flow of tantric magic pumped from the Dragon’s fingers through her body and began to heal her, ever so slowly. Deborah pumped her hips back and forth, teasing his fingers when they edged a bit further inside of her body. Deborah tightened her walls around him and Hadrian just smiled.

Her large, juicy jugs were in front of him. Hadrian dove down and groped them. He planted numerous kisses up and down her nipples and made her breath in pleasure. Deborah let out another cry when he went into her cleavage and sucked on her nipple, making her breath heavily for him.

“I feel you changing back,” Hadrian said. “But, we need a flow of magic to make this permanent.”

Then, he sunk his teeth into her other breast and sucked on them. Hadrian’s fingers moved down her body and teased her. The juices flowed through her body and then he kissed up and down. His lips moved further and further down. Deborah lost her senses when he closed in on her and gasped when he licked her wet puss*.

The taste test drove her completely insane. Hadrian’s tongue lowered and released inside of her. Hadrian kissed and tongued Deborah. Her hands moved on the back of Hadrian’s head and he lapped her up. She breathed in and bucked her hips up completely.

Then, he turned and that beautiful co*ck was in her face. Deborah hungered for the taste. She grabbed his length and pushed it deep into her mouth. Now the tantric flow only increased as the two sixty-nine each other. Hadrian and Deborah kept enjoying each other and the taste only increased when those tongues dove right at each other.

Hadrian shoved his rod deeper into her throat and she longed for him. Something about his essence would make her whole again. It would cure her one more time. Deborah worked her lips up and down his length and sent a shiver down through him. Hadrian edged deeper inside of her throat and rapidly f*cked her mouth until Deborah was gulping for him. He licked her and made her shake.

The two sides edged closer to each other before Hadrian’s balls tightened and released inside of her mouth. Deborah let out another cry when spurt after spurt of seed edged into her mouth. Hadrian slipped a hand down the back of her head and he kept injecting his seed into her mouth.

Deborah laid back. Her body just heated up when he planted more kisses down her. There was a need for him to slip inside of her and inject his cum inside of her body. Hadrian kissed every inch of Deborah and sucked on her nipples to drive her completely wild.

He pulled away and kissed down her neck.

“Let’s take this further,” Hadrian said. “For science.”

“Yes,” Deborah agreed. “For science.”

The tip of his co*ck inched against her and made Deborah shake even more. She looked into his eyes.

Hadrian just smiled and met with this horny and beautiful woman. Their bodies connected together with Hadrian thrusting down inside of her. His balls cracked against her thighs when he rose up and smashed down into her. His manhood hit all of the right spots into her, thrilling her when he pounded the hell out of her from above. Deborah tightened around his co*ck and milked him as he pumped deep inside of her.

“I know you like me touching these,” Hadrian said.

“OOOH, GOD, YES!” Deborah screamed for him.

Those juicy jugs were Hadrian’s to play with, to thrill. He pulled them closer to his mouth and lowered his lips down onto them, to suck them immensely. Deborah shook hard for him, squirting like mad as he slapped his balls down against her thighs and rode her into bliss.

Hadrian rolled over her back. Deborah’s body returned to normal and now she rose up and slammed down onto him. Hadrian sent a spark of energy through her body. The stunning woman dropped back and forth onto him. She could feel it. The energy just crashed down through her body as he inched through her and made her climax hard for him. Her brain almost melted down when he thrusted deep inside of her body.

The motorboating brought Deborah completely to the edge. He shoved his face into her tit* and sucked on them and made her gush hard for him. His hands wrapped around her rear end and plunged down into her. Each thrust brought Hadrian deeper into Deborah. Her entire body exploded and came hard for him.

Every push brought Hadrian as far into her hungry puss*. He leaned in and thrusted down inside of her. She clung on tightly to him and with one explosive org*sm, she had been going with him. Hadrian continued to play with her and drive her further along.

It hit her hard, like a ton of bricks smacking her in the face. Hadrian pushed down into her and she felt more org*sms than she could ever withstand. Hadrian slipped a hand down her backside and with another smile, worked down to her and squeezed Deborah’s ass.

“Cum for me ,pet.”

She milked him and cried out. Obediently, Deborah found herself surrendering to the power of the Dragon and his magic cure. Which was about to be injected deep inside of her and spilling every drop of seed possible into her wanton and hungry body.

Deborah lost it, climaxing hard for him. Hadrian pushed her down and filled her up with endless spurts of seed, until her desires had been fulfilled. And she had satisfaction as he finished.

So far, so good, Hadrian thought. And he could not wait for things to go to the next level.

Deborah laid back, well f*cked and stuffed with his seed as he finished inside of her.

“Obviously further treatments are needed.”

Deborah nodded. She was open for them. In more ways than one.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1129 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1129 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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