Red dot showing on contacts (2023)

Edit:Turns out that its just an indicator letting you know that the newly implemented RTS feature is usable for both you and that person. Not everyone has it though. From what ive learned its basically a feature that acts like Facebook Messenger instead of regular text messaging (being able to see if your text is read and so-on)

Hello, I recently have been getting red dots, much like the blue ones, on my contacts list. There is little knowledge of what this is on the internet, and it can't mean that I'm blocked because it's on some of my close friends contacts. Anyone got an idea on what it means? PS, it just turned blue for a LOT of my contacts now


What is the red dot on my contacts mean? ›

Samsung Apps and Services. I figured it out. Samsung said it means they are "active"

What is the red dot next to my contact name? ›

A dot next to a name or an email address indicates the status of the contact. If you are connected to Skype, the red dot means their status is "Busy" and if you see an x, they might be wotking offline.

Why is there a notification dot on my contacts? ›

A blue dot next to a contact profile icon on an Android phone means that the user can use the chat messaging feature with that particular contact to send or receive messages over the internet. Basically, the user can send Rcs messages over the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection instead of SMS...


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