70 Sweet Love Letters for Him – Boyfriend or Husband in 2024 – Sweet Love Messages (2024)


Sweet Romantic Love Letters for Him

Sweet Love Letters for Him: Sweet Love Letters for Boyfriend, Sweet Love Letters for Husband

1. Love of Passion
I’m in love with you. I just feel drawn towards you. You naturally set my pulses high and you naturally set me on fire and I can’t just let go of you. How can I describe our love accurately?

I can’t measure the moments I have spent all alone thinking of you and having fantasy about the two of us. I have spent hours thinking of how we will kiss, have sweet embrace, the soft moans and how I will look into your love filled eyeballs.

2. This Kind of Love
Our love grows, our love cares and our love trusts. It sees beyond the surface expression of our love, beyond the few words we are able to string together to express ourselves to the passion we feel deep within from the depth of our hearts which is based on trust.

Even without rings, we know we are only for each other. Let our kind of love and trust continue forever.

3. Sweet Surrender to my Love
Dear Love, I feel my senses reeling whenever I am with you that all I ever want is to be with you ever. I surrender my heart to you and I love the sweet feeling that comes with surrendering to you.

It is in our kind of love, the love of passion that one experiences the wonders of the sweet surrender to one’s lover. Here, one feel the ecstasy that has no limit. I love you.

4. No One Else
No one else has caught my love as you do. No one else in the world can compare to you. You are just perfect for me. The love we share is very solid. It concrete more than I could ever imagine before meeting you.

No one else can serve as a pillar to lean on as you do. I usually see joy in your eyes as they dart up and down when you look at me. You are special.

5. My Stone of Strength
I want to stay with you at any season. I want you to know that I will always be yours. I want you and you alone. I place you far above competition from other men. You are my stone of strength.

Our love will always grow stronger and stronger, day by day. It can not be limited by time or space. Our love is pure and true. You are my stone of strength. You are my strength.

6. Thinking About You
I have lost count of the thousands of seconds I have spent thinking about your touch when you were with me.
I can not figure out the minutes I have spent thinking about your graceful looks.

I have lost count of the hours I have spent thinking of the day I will walk to the altar by your side.

I can not tell of the days I have spent thinking about the things we would do together after marriage. I love you.

7. You Are Special
You have made my life more eventful. You have touched my life in many ways. You are special to me.
You have made my dreams and fantasies about love come true. You are special to me. You have given me the opportunity to experience true love which is very hard to find. You are special to me.

8. Deep Passion
I love your touch
I love our kiss
I love your looks
I love our passion.
Our love is strong and unique
Our love is vivid and wild.
I love our kind of deep passion.

9. Angel of Love
I understand what love is when you stepped into my life. I now know the stuff in which true love is made.
I can perceive the taste of love and I can feel the texture of love. we have an incomprehensible love. Our love is indescribable or how can one describe a feeling so deep below the surface level that one could not even comprehend. You are love personified. You are the angel of love.

10. I See You Everywhere
I see you everywhere. I see your face even in the sand. The clouds in the sky moves to form your face whenever I look up to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I see you everywhere. I see your face even in the water. Images of you form in my inner mind and it usually seems that you are always with me and never far away.

I see you everywhere. I see you beside me even in the mirror. I see the shape of your face smiling at me with that grin that I like to see. I see you even in my dreams.

11. Complete Love
When I close my eyes, I see both of us. I see that we are husband and wife. And the look in your eyes, in what I saw, is the same with your lovely stare.

” I love you ” was what I wanted to scream as you gave me a breathless kiss. I can’t understand how those words did not escape from mouth. It was hard not to articulate the truth. Yes, it is true that ”I love you ”.

12. I Could Want Nothing More
I could want nothing more than our passionate kisses. I could want nothing more than your soft spoken words of love. I could want nothing more than how you fill me with hot desire created by the warmth of your touches.

Whenever you touch me, blood usually run off to my brain to tell my brain that I could want nothing more than your passionate love. I love you.

13. Never Far Away
Your burning touches are always in my memory.
I love being in your arms.
I love the sound of your voice.
I love the brightness of your eyes when you look at me.

When the heart joins in harmony, there is usually no struggle. Things just fit in. And we will just be looking for the slightest excuse to be together.

The magnet of love keeps drawing you to me as I keep remembering that you are out there thinking about me. Please, do not ever forget that you are never far away.

14. Most Extraordinary Gift
I have received many gifts which I cherish and appreciate but the most extraordinary gift I have ever received from anyone is your gift of true and genuine love. Yours is a gift I will ever cherish, nurture, and appreciate.

I appreciate you for giving me your love. I promise to nurture it and keep it refreshed day by day. I love your gift of love. If you give me money, I will spend it all someday. If you give me a book, a friend may borrow it and not return it. Name the various gifts you could have given me. I’m sure, it will finish someday. Thanks for your gift of love.

15. One Heart
Thinking of those our urgently spoken words of passion. I love you now and always my darling. You are the love my heart. My most memorable memories are the moments I spent with you.

I can not list out the things that makes me love you. The list will be too long. And when I think that I have finished listing them, I know that I will keep remembering new reasons for loving you.

I’m convinced now that our hearts are created, since the beginning of the world, to be one.

16. Love Prevails
We must have been predestined to be one. You are the moon in my sky at night and you are the sun in my sky during the day. You must have been created by God just for me and I just for you.

I wish I can express how much I love you to my satisfaction. Our love is so bright that we give the moon a reason to get up every night and show its beautiful silver body to the world. You are the most precious friend I have.

17. I Celebrate You
I celebrate you because you are worth celebrating. I love your peaceful nature. I love how you pronounce words and I love the fact that you are mature in the mind and not only in appearance.

I want you to know that I will always cherish you. You are a priceless treasure to me. My love for you is very real. I celebrate you today and always.

18. Prayers of Love
I pray by the virtue of my love for you and the virtue of your love for me that you shall be very great and that you shall fulfil God’s purpose for creating you.

I am sure that God has got your back, therefore, upward shall you be going everyday of your life. I decree in love that you shall be taken to the spotlight of your career and may you never lack anything good. My love for you wishes you good things of life.

19. Sweet Love
Our love is sweeter than a solution of sugar and honey. It is deeper than the ocean’s depth and broader than the earth itself.

We have created an endless flow of sweet love where we drink from day by day and yet our hearts keeps panting after the flow to drink more and more.

I promise not to starve you of my love.

20. Our Love Story
The story of our love is a saga that can make just any writer win the Nobel Prize for literature.
The story of our love is a story that can be shared to the younger generation for them to have a bright fantasy about love.
Our love story we would have made an interesting bedtime story, that, I am sure of.

Remember how you proposed to me after we have tried denying ourselves that the feeling go and how we are now basking in the sweetness that comes with love.

21. Mature Love
Our love has grown now. We know it has grown. It has added phases after phases as it grows. It has grown to the level that nothing can shake its root.

We have paid the price of sacrifice, forgiveness, being considerate and the price of loving unconditionally. Our efforts has made our love mature. I love you.

22. Heart of Appreciation
I appreciate your efforts towards our love. I appreciate your love and care. I can not repay the cents you have spent on me. I can not repay how you have tenderly cared for me all this while.

I appreciate your thoughtful words. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you for your love.

23. You Are My Man
You are my closest friend. Can I live without the sparkle that is usually in your eyes? You are the man for me.

You have got what prevails over good looks and that is a beautiful heart. Your heart shines forth unstained love.

You are my man and you are my king. I crown you my king now and ever.

24. A Gift From Heaven
Please, do not ever forget that I love you. I appreciate you as a gift from heaven. You are the most precious man to me. The man who can keep me captivated for life and give me internal peace.

God has blessed me with a gift from Him. The gift is you. You have taken me to the place of love where I have never been.

I think of the time when I will be able to hold you, my gift from heaven, as close as I possibly can. You are the reason I smile. I love you and you are always in my heart.

25. Just the Two of Us
Your sweet and kind touch is what attracts you to me. It usually seems as if there is no one else on earth except for you and me whenever you give me your sweet and gentle touch.

Our hearts has always been intertwined. I always grateful of our constant love. You are bold to have opened up to me. It increases my respect for you. I respect you for your efforts towards making our relationship works out. May the two of us be together always.

26. Now and Ever
I want to speak of our love now and ever. There is no man like my man. I can say it again and again. In fact, I can bet it. I will love to live with you all my life since my soul has finally found a home with you.
I keep you alongside my vision. You are always in my thoughts. You are Lord sent from above. I hold you in high esteem. I will always respect you, come what may. I will always love you, come what may.

27. The Best Man Ever
I have been waiting for you all these while. You are the reason I have been turning down men’s offer unknown to me. You walked straight to the entrance of my heart. You unlocked my padlock against intimacy with your key of love.

You opened the door wide open and walked in to my lonely heart and filled it with the fragrance of your love. I will ever love you, unique. You are special and you are just the best man ever.

28. Perfect Love and Health
Good day my king. I believe you are fully healed now. May God the greatest physician heal you in Jesus name. My heart longs to see you. How I wish I can just appear there to feel your temperature and pamper you like a baby till you are strong enough.

However, know that my heart is with you my king. Get well soon. I care for you and wants to see you on your feet the next time we see, smiling down at me as you usually do. Perfect health is yours because of our perfect love.

29. Till The End
We will stick out together till the end. We have started the journey of our love well, may we continue well and stay together till the end.

Sweet thoughts of being with you every midnight where we will sleep and I will see you by me.I cherish you. Oh! The joy of loving you. My shining light, my our constellation shines bright till the end of our lives. I love you my shinning light.

30. I Pledge My Love To You
I pledge my allegiance to you my adorable.
I can see through you
You are charming
I pledge to always love my gentle but strong man.
Strong as steel.
I pledge my love to a reliable shoulder
The leaning post.
I pledge my heart away to you,
A cultured and caring man.
I pledge to always love you.

31. My Royal Man
You are my royal man with magical arms. I feel good being around you. I know you love me indeed. I’m happy that my heart reciprocates your love.

Let me walk freely as a royalty in your chamber. Let me walk majestically around your palace. I miss you, my royal man. I miss you very much, dearie, and can’t wait to see you again. I have been trying to see you but my time is usually choked up with many things that I barely have time for myself but I have decided to make sure we see the next time you suggest.

32. You Emits Love
Do you know that you have the natural ability to support me? Yes, you do. You have the natural ability to keep me happy. You have the natural ability to sustain my interest in you.

Everything you are doing right now is just all I know I will always need in life. You are really pleasing to me.

I’m rising early this morning to send you this message before your time is occupied with many things.

Know that I always love you. As you work, dine, drink or walk, remember my undying love for you.

33. My Hero
I miss You.
I respect You.
I’m proud of You everywhere.
I’m proud of You anywhere.
I’m proud of You every time.
I’m proud of You anytime.
My hero, I respect you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Good morning.

34. I Miss You
A satisfied smile usually brighten my face whenever I remember our first meeting.You know zero of how I appreciate our relationship.

I won’t leave you, will I? Never. Please forgive me for taking so long a time to see you. I miss you so much and I do hope that you understand the reason for having not honoured your invitations recently. I may not have been able to visit you but you have always been on my mind.

35. Genuine Love
Do you know that if you were younger in age and you are every other thing you are, I will still respect you because you are VERY mature.

Whenever I think of you, my heart usually miss a beat because it is usually touched by your love which I know is genuine.
I would not give it a second thought before sacrificing things which are important to me for you if the need arises. I love you.

36. I Love You
I cherish you…our relationship is like the journey of life itself. Every glitch & hitch only makes us stronger and more resilient.
I want our relationship to last forever so, I’m sending to you a million ” love you ”. As your heart beats, keeping hearing the sound of my voice telling you coolly ”I love you ”. Hears the Etty whisper of confession close to your ear ” I love you ”.
May our relationship last forever in LOVE. I love you.

37. Morning of Love
The dawn is silent,
The dawn is calm,
The dawn is beautiful,
The dawn is cool,
The dawn makes me think of the serenity of our love. And the dawn is complete because it reminds me of you. It is the morning of love.

38. Dear Love
The very first time we met, I never thought that I could love you as I love you now. My soul long for you. I’m just falling in love with you again and again.

Your love freaks me, my heart wishes to be with you always.
All my heart and mind, all my body and my soul long for is you. They are dedicated to your love and there is no looking back.
I really wanna love you more. Not a single day without you.
I’m just falling in love with you again

I can’t get you out of my mind
I will never leave you alone
You’re the song that I sing
You’re my everything
Irresistible you are….

39. My Special One
I can’t let the early hours of the morning go without wishing you good and wonderful day,My love.
You are caring, loving, underssanding. Sometimes when you apologize even when I’m the one at fault , my love for you deepens. You are cool.
I want you to know that you are my special one. I want you to know that I care about you. I love and I cherish you.

40. My Love for You
I have this warm affection for you. I know within me that I like you greatly. I’m not surprised that the romantic relationship between both of us has been getting deeper and deeper.
My love for you will keep growing day by day. It will keep getting stronger and stronger by and by. My warm likeness for you gets renewed every day.

I will always have you in my heart all the days of my life and nothing and I mean nothing will be able to take you out of my heart. I love you.

41 My Adorable
I adore you, dearie. You are my adorable.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for caring about my welfare. Thank you for choosing me among the numerous ladies around you.

I appreciate your thoughts about our future together and your manly decision to take responsibility by choosing that we get married soon. I adore you.

42. Your Visit
The emotional feelings I have for you doubled with your last visit. You opened the door to my heart wide and my love for you flows around freely. You are enough. You are more than a thousand men.

Now I know what is called love. I now know the feeling of knowing that someone out there thinks and care about me. I feel loved and I adore you.

43. My Hope
You restore hope again into my life. I feel covered when I exposed my nakedness before you
I can move around you without hypocrisy. You are a friend closer than any other person in my life.
I can’t give up on my dreams because you can’t accept anything less
Our future together is success
How can I open my mouth, in what special way can I express my love for you that will make you know how much I love you?
I can go an extra mile just for your sake…

44. I Will Love You Forever
If you have got my attention through money, charm or sweet talk. It will be over one day but from a pure heart, I have decided to be with you.
Thank you for going extra miles just to ensure I am well taken care of.

45. Beautiful Afternoon, My LIFE
You are a typical example of the breath of life
Thank God I waited and persevere or else how can I know you are this lovely to be with?
You have a pure heart. Your voice gives me strength and courage.
You just can’t imagine how your love, even in spite the distance, have affected me positively.

46. Good Companion
It is said that bad companionship corrupts good manners. Now I have experienced the opposite. I know that good companionship enhances good manners.

Being acquainted to you has affected my life positively.

Ever since we have started communicating, even before your proposal, you have influenced me greatly.

You are not just a lover. You are a lover and a motivator. I respect you!

47. Love Me Always
Love me in the morning when the day is cool for my love is always new at the emergence of the dawn of each new day.

Love me in the afternoon when the sun is hot because the fire of my love for you can never be quenched.

Love me in the evening when the sky is blue. The royalty of colour blue shows you are my royal man.

Love me at night when the atmosphere is serene again like in the morning because my love for you is serene and cool.
Love me always!

48. A Call For Love
Love me always, when I’m with you or not
Love me always, when I’m happy or not
Love me always, when there is peace or war
Love me always, in the office or at home
Love me always, when I’m near or far from you
Love me always, when my face very pretty or just plain.
Love me, love me, love me.

49. I Love You Always
In every season, I will love you. Whether the leaves are green and new or the sky is blue, or the leaves are turning brown or the harmattan breeze is freezing me. I will love you.

My love for you transcends climatic changes. It exceeds the economic situation of the country. It is unreachable by political dramas neither can it be overwhelmed by religious bigotry. I love you and will love you always.

50. The Rain of Love
The kind of love that I have for you is strong and pure. Sharing it with you has nurtured it to maturity.

Let the rain of love fall on me and wet me up till I am soaked in the water of feelings. All day long, I long for you with all my heart. I miss you greatly. Come, my love. Come let’s play again. Come and place your head on my lap like a baby on his mother’s lap. I miss you.

51. The Ocean of Love
The tide of the ocean of my love for you is high and it has maintained the high tide day by day.

The depth of the ocean of my love for you is deep.
The water in the ocean of my love for you can never run down. No matter how high the sun shines to make it evaporate, it can never reduce the amount of the water of feelings in the ocean of my love for you.

52. My Names For You
*My King
*My Love
*My Adorable
* Precious
*My heart
*My sugar beet
*My baby
*My Crown

53. Everything About You
I love your physic,I love your simplicity.
I love your simplicity, I love your personality.
I love your personality, I love your loyalty.
I love your loyalty, I love your subtlety.
I love your subtlety, I love you.
I love everything about you.

54 Extreme Love
I love for me and myself. I don’t want to share you with other ladies. Sounds extreme? Yes, it is simply because I love you extremely.

I love to the end of the world.
I love you to the depth of the sea.
I love you to the height of the sky.
I love you.

55. The Love of my life
You are the love of my life. You are my constant best companion ever since we have met. The very first time we met, I knew it was a time of favour from God.
Every moment I have spent with the consciousness of our love has been blessed moments. Thank you for staying as the love of my life.

56. My Adam
You are the only man I see in my world
Just as Adam was the only option for Eve
I am created for your help
I’m the missing part of you.

You walked into my life
Then, every other man evaporated
And you are the only man in my world
Just as Adam was the only option for Eve.

Hold me closer, closer to yourself
Make me board on the flight of love
Look into my eyes beautiful man
I’ve longed for this love for long
Until I found in you my twin
You are the only man I want to know
Just as Adam was the only option for Eve.

57. My Love for You
I’m now free to express my feelings towards you now that I have accepted your proposal.

But can I really express my love for you in details? I wish that my heart will communicate with your heart, the extent of my love for you.

However, I will keep it simple. I love you and I’m looking forward to having an heaven on earth home with you and our unborn children.

58. Distinct Love
I feel loved whenever you call me.
I feel loved whenever we chat.
I feel loved whenever we do video call.
I feel loved whenever I receive a text from you.
I feel loved whenever I hear from you.
I miss you!

59. You Are Amazing
You’re amazing and indeed you are lovely.
In spite of your health status you still create time to reach out to me, it’s another confirmation you are truly a mature man.
From the marrow of my bones I say boldly I love you with my life.
Let me show you agape love with the bed undefiled.
I respect you.
I cherish you.
I care for you .
I crown you as my King.
Get well soon…

60. I Truly Love You
I love you and that’s the truth. I love you and that’s not a lie.
Let our love keeps growing.
In spite of my health, I won’t fail to express my feelings to you.
I love you.

61: Expression
My emotion for you is strong but pure. It is sincere. It’s from the depth of my heart.

I’m looking forward to when our souls will be in a union as we walk to the altar. Or can we make this dream come to reality tonight? Let’s go there… smiles.

62. Real Love
When a woman loves, she really loves for real.
I have been conserving my love energy all this while and now that I love you, I really love you for REAL.

I love you so much that I always have to hold myself back from over blowing it.

I love you, I respect you and I cherish you to the extent that I will still love you if you were from a different tribe. My love for you is real.

63. You are Heaven Sent
My love for you is ever green. I keep falling in love with you in every slightest bits.
I fall in love with you when you talk to me in that your deep manly voice.
I fall in love with you again and again when I remember your sideways look whenever you want to steal a glance at me.

I fall in love with you whenever you purposely stretch out what I say to mean something else just for the fun of it. You don’t know what that means to me.

I fall in love with you when you pray for me. You will just keep praying and praying that I will sometimes feel ”do you want to finish the prayer in God’s prayer room?” It makes me feel loved.

I fall in love with you again and again when you make those speech fillers sounds and that your sudden pauses you make while speaking with me. They are romantic.

You just fit in to the type of man I have always wished for in my fantasy.

You are making my fantasies come to reality. Indeed, I know that you are heaven sent…

64. The thought of You
Your strong built overwhelms me. I imagine your strong arms wrapped around me.
My inner being is filled with great passion.
I love you.

65 My Tower of Inspiration
You have inspired me to study the Bible more.

You have infused into my mind more words for my pen to write on my paper.

You have made me to preternaturally praise God more.

You have been my tower of inspiration in many ways.

I adore you!

66. I Love You Foremost
My love for you is beyond words so I can not really capture it in a letter and it to you as I wish to.

However, I want you to be sure that I love you foremost.

I love you and will keep loving you.

67. Love is Beautiful
Love is beautiful when the man in the relationship is you.
It is beautiful to have someone you can tell all without being afraid of being betrayed.
It is beautiful to know that someone out there care about you.
It is beautiful to be in love with you.

68. To Love You
To love is to have someone like you who I can share time with.
To love is how we listen and care about each other in lovely and tender ways.
Since I met you, I have begin to experience love as being concrete and real and not like the imaginary fantasy I thought it was.

Loving you is real.

69. You are my Angel
You make me feel complete with your love. With your love, you have stolen my heart and touched my mind. I know what love is truly. You walked into my heart and I feel good.

Anytime I see you or hear from you, I feel loved. You are the man I have been praying for. You are my angel sent from God. You are indeed my angel.

70. Can You Hear Me?
I feel your love even when you are not with me. Even if we are apart, I know I’m in your heart. I pledge my love for you now and always because my love for you grows now and always.

Can you hear me call your name? Can you hear the whisper of my voice calling your name gently? I usually whisper your name when there is no one around me and I wish you can hear it whenever I call you.

70 Sweet Love Letters for Him – Boyfriend or Husband in 2024 – Sweet Love Messages (2024)


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